The Chasm of Mist

Poems of the Longing of Celeste for Her Sophia


The Chasm of Mist

The Chasm of Mist

A new release, the paperback edition is available as of January 15, 2017.  Currently this book is available from Amazon, from the US site only, but will be available through other avenues shortly.

The Chasm of Mist is a series of poems written by author Bethany Davis for her lover. This is the second volume of the Moon and Stars of the Dark Night Sky. It is a collection of thirty-five love poems, the continuation of the first volume. They were written in 2015 during a period where the author and her lover were separated by distance and borders, and are collected here in one place.

The poems in this volume are darker than most in the previous volume, but through the mist, cracks of sunlight can be seen.  They were written between April and August in 2015.

These poems are the author’s raw heart, in longing for her lover.  We hope you enjoy them.

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